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The Cryptogaga Awards

Founded in 2017, ( is a new website aiming to provide a diet of fresh, rich, original and informative content to the general Crypto-community.
Cryptogaga will offer a range of services, including news, reviews, guides, market analysis and interviews with leading figures and influencers from the world of crypto technology. These will include updates on all major developments concerning Bitcoin, Ethereum and all other major altcoins, an overview of all major ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) coming to market, as well as highlighting the increasing spread of blockchain and FinTech technology, and their multiplying applications throughout a number of sectors.
One way that Cryptogaga intends to differentiate itself from similar websites is by sponsoring a number of awards for which all members of the crypto-community will be eligible to vote.
These awards are intended to stimulate greater interest in the sector of alternative currencies and digital technology by recognising excellence in terms of achievement, influence, innovation or service delivery. The awards will also act as a marketing tool for the website, marking Cryptogaga out from the competition in terms of influence and reach, garnering widespread publicity and attracting more visitors to the site.
At this stage it is intended that there will be eleven award categories, with three bestowed on those who have made an outstanding overall achievement and contribution to the crypto-community, whilst the other eight will be awarded based on superior annual performance.
The top honour will be The Satoshi Nakomoto award, named after the mythical figure credited with the creation of Bitcoin. Nakomoto continues to be the single most influential figure in the history of digital currencies and technologies, and it is fitting that this award, intended to be the most prestigious that somebody in the crypto-community could ever win, is named after them.
Probably the second-most famous figure in the crypto-world is Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum and Bitcoin magazine. Accordingly, The Vitalik Buterin award, named in his honour, is intended again to recognise excellence and achievement, and is intended to rank only after the Nakomoto award in terms of prestige.
The third overall merit and achievement award will be named The Cryptopian award.
In terms of the annual awards, there will be eight categories – Best Investor; Most Influential Investor; Best Crypto Exchange; Best Crypto Merchant Solution; Best Crypto-Journalist; Most Innovative and Life-Changing Projecct, Best Upcoming Altcoin; and Most Resourceful Crypto Website.

The Best Investor of the Year award is for the company or individual who has made the greatest return on the money they have invested in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. This is opposed to the Most Influential Investorprize which will be awarded to the person or people who have had the greatest impact on the overall market value of cryptocurrencies – whether this is positive or negative.

The Best Crypto Exchange of the Year is likely to be awarded to the cryptocurrency exchange which scores highly with regard to criteria like reputation, fees, payment methods and the time taken to verify transfers and deposits has the highest reputation, whilst the Best Crypto Merchant Solution is intended to recognise the most innovative or user-friendly solution to facilitate the use of Bitcoin and other digital currencies for online payments.
The journalists, writers and authors who have made a significant contribution to the crypto-community through the quality and uniqueness of their written work are recognised by The Crypto-Journalist of the Year award, whilst the website which, in the opinion of the community, provides the most useful, informative or engaging content will be honoured with the Most Resourceful Crypto Website prize.

Finally, potential future contributions to the crypto-ecosystem will be recognised by the Best Upcoming Altcoin, which will be bestowed on the blockchain or crypto-based project judged to have the most potential to make a big future impact, whilst, as the name suggests, The Most Innovative and Life-Changing Project will go to the project or development which has made the biggest impression in the past year.
The most important fact about the awards is not that Cryptogaga will sponsor them, but that they will be decided by the votes of the crypto-community itself. This means they will act as a true barometer of achievement and merit, which, in turn, will add to their lustre and renown.
Hopefully, in time, they will become the standard for anybody involved in the crypto community, whether they are developers, users, traders, brokers, journalists or just enthusiasts. The awards will also further Cryptogaga’s aim of becoming a thought and industry leader, a reliable source for anybody interested in crypto technology.

The Award presentation is not intended to be ceremonious at this stage but the winners can request for original web embeddable and printable Certificates they can use as a pride for their achievements. We hope to make this ceremonious in the future.

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