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Founded in 2017, Cryptogaga ( is a website which aims to provide rich, original and informative content to the general crypto-community.
With interest in crypto-currencies, digital payment systems and blockchain and related technologies soaring, there is an increasing need for a source of reliable information for news, market analysis, product reviews and in-depth coverage of major developments in this fast-growing and ever changing sector. Cryptogaga looks to meet this demand by providing a steady stream of fresh, innovative content, which will inform, educate and engage its readers, whether they are fresh to the world of crypto-technology, or seasoned investors or developers looking for a website they can trust to provide objective information.
However, at Cryptogaga we want to go further than that. We want to promote active engagement and stimulate wider interest amongst visitors to our site, by sponsoring a series of awards, on which readers can vote, honouring those who have made a significant contribution to the crypto-community, whether they be individuals, companies or technical solutions. These awards, which recognise excellence, influence innovation or superior service delivery, not only marks out Cryptogaga from all the other websites that have sprung up trying to serve the same target audience, but also sets a standard of performance for the crypto-community which all will seek to emulate.
At Cryptogaga we have an ambitious vision – to be a thought and industry leader when it comes to the crypto-ecosystem. We aim to be an unbiased reliable source that anybody who has any interest in the world of cryptocurrencies and associated technologies can turn to immediately to seek solutions or find information.
We recognise how difficult it is, even for the most informed individual, or organisation, to keep track of all the key developments in the sector, to separate fact from fiction, and hype from reality. That is where Cryptogaga comes into the picture. Guided by our experienced and enthusiastic team, we aim to become the website of choice for both experts and newcomers to the crypto-currency space.

Our Team
San Law – CEO/Founder
San Law is a crypto-enthusiast, who has been actively involved in the crypto-community for over five years, and has invested in a number of blockchain products.
Andy D. – Editor-in-Chief and Author
Andy is a highly experienced finance professional and Chartered Accountant. He has written and edited numerous articles on crypto-technology and digital currencies, as well as broader business themes.
Carla R. – Market Research Analyst and Author
Carla R. is a graduate with a strong background in Data Analysis and Marketing. She is an experienced professional used to collaborating with technical teams, both as a developer, and from the business and marketing perspective. As a technical writer, Carla has an extensive background in computer security, IT vulnerability and risk assessment.
Sama L. – Author
Sama L. is a renowned author, with more than five years professional writing experience, receiving more than 200 positive reviews in that time, both in Crypto and mainstream niches. Sama is a versatile and skilled writer who can deliver educative, informative and engaging content on any subject.

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